The Nunes family has been farming vegetables throughout California, Nevada and Arizona for four generations. We're committed to preserving our time-honored horticultural practices, while utilizing the latest technology to help us produce high-quality vegetables for the United States and marketplaces around the world. From implementing "Good Agricultural Practices" and "Good Manufacturing Practices" that take into account economic, social and environmental sustainability, to our hands-on, in-the-field approach to farming, our heritage is deeply rooted in our fields.

CCOF - Certified Organic USDA Organic

Using progressive horticultural practices that incorporate environmentally safe and effective techniques, we produce a wide variety of organically grown vegetables. All of our organic vegetables are certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF )Trade Association.

healthy soil

Rich soil grows nutrient-rich produce. That’s why we prioritize increasing soil fertility organically by tilling in organic materials after harvests and by rotating our crops.

seed selection

Before we decide to plant a seed, we analyze the unique nature of each field by studying our historical growing data. We only choose seeds that will thrive in each specific field to maximize potential.

Where We Farm

The rich soils of the Salinas Valley in northern California inspired the beginnings of our hands-on family farming methods. Today, our fields total more than 20,000 crop acres in California, Arizona and Nevada to accommodate the variety of fresh products we grow.