LGMA Certification

We are certified members, in good standing, of the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA). The LGMA is a rigorous and science-based food safety program that includes standards for environmental assessments, water use, soil amendments, worker practices and field operations, for which we must be in 100 percent compliance. As members of the LGMA we submit to regular announced and unannounced government audits.

We Must Be In 100% Compliance


The Health of Our


and safety of our


Starts With

The Health

of our Land

& The Vitality

of our soil.



We have established rigorous harvesting protocols for each field that take into account crop maturity, quality and food safety to ensure optimal flavor and quality.



Freshly harvested produce is quickly transported to one of our four cooling facilities in Salinas, Oxnard or Mount Whitney (Cantua Creek), California, or Yuma, Arizona for microbiological testing, pest control, daily sanitation and monitoring of water and ice.