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Reigniting a 30-year-old Partnership

The Nunes Company, one of the nation’s largest grower-shippers of conventional and organic fresh produce marketed under the Foxy brand name, has garnered attention again by reigniting a partnership that dates back to 1989 with a well-known actress, model and active celebrity, Brooke Shields.

The marketing campaign would bring Brooke Shields back to the Nunes Company as a role model and icon of wellness, fitness and healthy lifestyles. These value attributes are at the core of everything the company stands for in their efforts to encourage people of all ages to eat right and take care of their health.

The Nunes Company’s rollout of this new marketing campaign is expected to commence July 2018 and last through June 2019. A series of outdoor billboards will appear in specific geographic areas in the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Great Lakes regions. The campaign will also include a matching trade advertising component to support the company’s efforts.

Long known for their creative approach to marketing, as evidenced by the countless clever billboards placed in specific geographic markets, The Nunes Company plans to launch an outdoor billboard series to compliment the campaign. The billboards will be geared towards Millennial moms, Generation X, and Baby Boomers— audiences Brooke Shields has tremendous followings in. According to Forbes, mothers account for nearly 80% of U.S. household purchases. “Ms. Shields, being an active, working mom, is an ideal role model and brand ambassador for the Foxy brand,” said Mark Crossgrove, Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for the Nunes Company. Brooke Shields’ recent work surrounding health, fitness and beauty can be seen across various media outlets, including television shows like The Today Show, and print magazines like Vogue and Social Life Magazine.

Having such a positive experience while working with Ms. Shields in 1989, the Nunes Company felt this year was the right time to reengage such a public role model. The successful 1989 campaign featuring Ms. Shields is widely considered a legacy campaign in the fresh produce industry — one which people remember and still talk about 30 years later.

“Our partnership with Brooke Shields not only provides our company with great publicity, it is also an effective differentiator by adding value to our amazing retail partners across the United States. By increasing our brand recognition, we hope to encourage consumption of fruits and vegetables among all generations. We could not be more pleased with the opportunities this partnership brings to the Foxy brand,” said Tom Nunes, Jr., President of The Nunes Company.  

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