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The Nunes Company Elects Tom M. Nunes (T5) President

SALINAS, CA – The Nunes Company, one of the nation’s largest grower-shippers of conventional and organic fresh produce marketed under the Foxy® brand name, has elected Tom M. Nunes (T5) President of the Company.

Since the early 1930s, the Nunes family has been practicing innovative farming methods in California’s Salinas Valley and since that time has expanded its operations to Huron and Oxnard, California, Yuma, Arizona, and Yerington, Nevada. The Foxy® brand was born when brothers Bob and Tom Nunes formed the Nunes Company, Inc. in 1976. With Bob and Tom’s guidance, second and third generation Nunes family members are at the helm today, ensuring that their tradition in innovation, land stewardship, and lasting relationships with partners, growers, landowners, employees and customers continues.

“My brother, Bob, and I started in this industry over 60 years ago. I’ve had the pleasure of watching our children grow the business and look forward to watching my grandson in his new role as President of The Nunes Company. He’s a true leader in this industry and represents our families’ core values,” says Tom Nunes, Sr. (T3), co-founder of the Company.

T5 began working for the Company over 20 years ago after graduating from Cornell University. He initially moved to the Company’s Yuma operations and then began the process of working through all critical parts of the Company -- sales, production, cooling, harvesting, and safety.

“I’ve watched Tom (T5) grow up in our business. He has experience in all aspects of our organization including production, cooling, shipping, sales, and marketing. Most importantly, he has a passion and insatiable curiosity about our business, and constantly seeks to improve his knowledge and leadership. I believe his capabilities will make him an exceptional President of the Company we started over 40 years ago,” says Bob Nunes, Sr., co-founder of the Company.

Tom Nunes, Jr. who has served as President since 2006, remains as Executive Vice-President.

“It gives me great pleasure to pass the torch on to my son. He has earned the position through hard work in all critical areas of our business and will bring new energy and leadership to our Company.

“I am humbled and honored at the confidence shown in me. I have been blessed with a strong family and great mentors and look forward to working with them to face the challenges of our industry, and to carry forward the traditions of this Company,” says Tom (T5).