The sage-citrus flavor of cilantro is used in the cuisine of countless countries. Fresh cilantro leaves and seeds (coriander) are most commonly used in cooking. It’s a healthy way to add flavor to any recipe—a ¼ cup serving just has one calorie.

Cilantro is only called by that name in the Americas—the rest of the world knows the plant as coriander (we only use that name for cilantro seeds in the Americas).

Handling Tips

Vibrant green leaves and firm stems are key characteristics to look for when selecting cilantro. Once home, wash thoroughly and store in a plastic bag in your vegetable crisper for up to a week. You can also freeze cilantro for up to a year, but leaves may take on a softer texture. When spicing up your recipes with cilantro, hold off and add it as the final ingredient to avoid losing its flavor to heat.

Rinse Before using
Store at 34-38° F

Growing & Availability

Salinas, CA April-November
Yerington, NV June-October
Yuma, AZ November-March