Celery is more than just a side dish to a plate of hot wings. Every crunch is packed with minerals, vitamins C, K and A to support a strong immune system and clear vision. When celery is cooked, it boasts a more subtle flavor that can complement many other foods.

The ancient Romans believed celery had healing powers and used it as a remedy for headaches. In ancient Greece, bunches of celery served as the original celebratory bouquet of flowers given to victorious athletes.

Handling Tips

Stick to celery that features firm and fresh stalks with green leaves—be on the lookout for limp or spotted leaves when picking your produce. Once home, remove any damaged stalks or leaves before wrapping in plastic or placing in a container with wet paper towels. Keep celery away from other foods that may absorb its odors and store up to 2 weeks. When preparing celery, trim the bottom of the celery stalk and the top part with the leaves (store the tops for use in salads or soups, though!).

Rinse Before using
Store at 34-38° F

Growing & Availability

Salinas, CA June-October
Yuma, AZ January-March
Oxnard, CA November-January/March-July