Leeks are cousins of the onion, but have a harsher flavor when eaten raw and a milder flavor when cooked. Leeks are good sources of vitamin A and C, which aid the immune system. Leeks can be harvested at a variety of sizes, but most often feature a six to 10-inch stem.

Leeks do not form bulbs or cloves like their cousins, onions and garlic. The leek’s long, cylindrical root is entirely edible along with its fan of green leaves.

Handling Tips

The leek has white and green leaf sheaths that wrap around each other to form a stalk. Choose firm, crisp stalks and refrigerate in a plastic bag up to two weeks. Wash thoroughly by soaking in cool water. When cooking with leeks, most recipes call for trimming the uppermost dark leaves to avoid bitter and woody flavors.

Rinse Before using
Store at 34-38° F