Rainbow Chard

Rainbow chard is essentially a beet without the root. Instead, it features large leaves and colorful stalks. The color of the chard you eat doesn’t determine the taste—more so, which part of the chard you eat does. Its leaves are mild, earthy and just a tad bitter.

Rainbow chard contains the compound betalain which gives its stalks those beautiful red and yellow hues, but also serves to protect the plant from UV rays and attract bees for pollination.

Handling Tips

The same rules apply to every variety of chard: keep an eye out for crisp stalks and firm green leaves. Refrigerate rainbow chard unwashed for up to three days. You can cook chard leaves similar to how you would cook collard greens, and the stalks like you would asparagus. Remember: steam or sauté, don’t boil (unless you want to lose all flavor!).

Rinse Before using
Store at 34-38° F

Growing & Availability

Salinas, CA April-November
Yerington, NV June-October
Yuma, AZ November-March