Sweet Baby Broccoli

Sweet baby broccoli is just what it sounds like. It’s a hybrid between broccoli and a Chinese kale. This cross lends to a sweeter taste and softer texture that screams easy eats.

Sweet baby broccoli isn’t a “baby” veggie at all—it contains just as much cancer-fighting sulforaphane as an average broccoli stalk.

Handling Tips

Sweet baby broccoli should have bunches with crisp stalks, tightly closed buds and bright green color. Proper storage includes placing unwashed sweet baby broccoli in a perforated plastic container in the crisper drawer, allowing it to stay fresh up to 10 days. Try microwaving or steaming it to minimize cooking time and maximize nutrition!

Rinse Before using
Store at 34-38° F

Growing & Availability

Salinas, CA Year-round