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Essential End-of-Summer Travel Tips

Do you have a last minute Summer trip planned? There’s still time to take advantage of the summer months and get out for an end-of-Summer getaway! While traveling, it’s important to take care of your body whether you’re adjusting to a new time zone or staying active in high heat. We’ve created a list of essential end-of-Summer travel tips to make sure you’re prepared and stress-free for your next adventure!

Pack healthy snacks while on-the-go! Refer to our Summer Snack Attack blog post for some of Summer’s healthiest and tastiest snacks. This will save you time and money while traveling. Fresh veggies like Foxy Celery Hearts and homemade Kale and Spinach chips are great choices!

Hours spent on airplanes, trains and long walks can be exhausting. Make sure to drink plenty – we said PLENTY – of water! Avoid sugary drinks and foods that are high in sodium.

When you can, try to stock up on fresh produce at a local grocery store. You’ll waste calories and extra money the more you eat out. Opting to stay in and prepare your own meal from fresh produce and other items from the local market can be healthy, fun and money-saving!

The most important tip we can give is to WALK EVERYWHERE (when possible)! Walking tours are a great way to make sure you incorporate some physical activity into your travel schedule. You can also go for a sunset jog or get a day pass to a local gym. Most hotels have their own gym and fitness classes that you can attend at the beginning or end of your day – take advantage!

Last, but not least, make sure to get enough sleep while traveling. Different time zones and long days of exploring can leave you tired and in desperate need of sleep. Don’t deprive yourself of the sleep your body needs – you will feel better and have more energy to play during the day!

Most importantly – have fun and be safe while traveling! We hope you find these travel tips useful and share your journeys with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

To make sure you’re getting the daily nutrients you need, find tips in our 9 Servings in 1 Day blog post. You can also read The Perfect Picnic for convenient and healthy Summer picnic ideas!

Bon Voyage! :)

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